SONY TEN 2 CHANNEL NUMBER: Are you trying to find your favorite channel but forgot the channel number? Don’t worry we’ll help you out to let you know about the channel number of your favorite TV Channel.

Whether it’s VIDEOCON D2H or TataSky, the information about the channel number of Sony Ten 2 on every different Satellite Dish TV is given here.

Here is Star Bharat Channel Number.


The below table includes more Dish tv Data and is the shortest way that may help you to find out the ETV RAJASTHAN CHANNEL NUMBER ON DIFFERENT DISH TVs.

Satellite Dish TvChannel Number
TataSky473 HD and 474 SD
VIDEOCON D2H656 HD and 657 SD
AIRTEL287 SD and 288 HD
Jio TV413
Hath way176


Sony ten, a sports channel that broadcasts cricket matches, football matches, golf, tennis, and many other sports, is a complete group of Sony Sports Indian Television and is owned by Sony Pictures Networks India. Not only in English, but this channel broadcasts the shows in other languages also like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.

Broadcasting the shows in different languages means the dubbing system is Used where the artist or a translator translates the sentences used in the show for the viewers from different countries to make it easy for them to watch the show. Different sports channels that come under the Sony Ten are SONY TEN 1, SONY TEN 2, SONY TEN 3, SONY TEN 4, and SONY TEN GOLF HD. Sony ten TVs are presented in both formats HD and SD.


Sony ten 2, an Indian sports channel was launched in 2010 by Ten Sports Network and is owned by Sony Pictures/Sports Networks India. This channel mainly focuses on football matches (National and International) like Europa League, FA Cup, UEFA Champions League, and others. SONY TEN 2 was renamed many times year after year, like, from 2005-2010 it was named as Zee Sports then from 2010-2016 Ten Action and then from 2016-2017 Ten 2 and we can say that still it is Known as Ten 2 channel.

Well, moving to a new home or the new setup of DishTvor even sometimes after the update made on satellite dish tv systems, it becomes difficult for some people to find the channel number of the channel they want to see. To make that problem disappear, here is the channel number of SONY TEN 2 on different satellite setups. To find out the channel number of SONY TEN 2 on your DishTV, a table is given at the bottom of the Page, prefer that if you want a quick view.

SONY TEN 2 Channel Number on TataSky.

TataSky, an Indian Direct Broadcast Satellite offers more than or about 650 channels in total, 495 SD and 99 HD channels and along with all this many other services are also provided like if any problem exists you can talk to the company regarding that and in a very short time they resolve your problem. SONY TEN 2 CHANNEL NUMBER ON TATA SKY IS 473 HD and 474 SD.  If still, you are unable to watch your channel on the given information of Channel

number, then you may need to call on the TataSky Customer Care Number 1800-208-6633 and tell your problem

SONY TEN 2 Channel Number on Videocon D2H

Like TataSky, Videocon D2H is also the most commonly used and the largest network till now. Along with this, its an Indian Direct Broadcast Satellite that offers more than 600 channels which includes news channels, entertainment channels, sports channels, and cartoons and along with all this many other services are also provided like a selection of channels mostly used and removing those channels that are not used and even recharging for those total number of channels only that are selected. 

ETV RAJASTHAN CHANNEL NUMBER OF VIDEOCON D2H IS 656 HD and 657 SD. Due to any reasons, if you are still unable to watch the channel on the given channel number, you may need to contact the customer care number of Videocon D2H 1800-315-0002 and ask about the channel number of your channel after a few steps.

SONY TEN 2 Channel Number on Airtel Digital TV

Airtel Digital TV is also one of the Indian Direct Broadcast Satellites which is operated by Bharti TelemediaLimited. Airtel Digital TV which was launched in October 2008 consists of more than 550 channels. Along with all this, the company allows you to add the channels or remove the channels according to your wish.

There are a total of more than 20 million subscribers of Airtel Digital TV till now. ETV RAJASTHAN CHANNEL NUMBER ON AIRTEL DIGITAL TV IS ON 287 SD and 288 HD. Recharge problem, channel subscription type issues or the problem like you are unable to watch the channel then for that problem to be solved you should contact the customer care number of Airtel Digital TV 0522-4448080.

SONY TEN 2 Channel Number on JioTv

A well-known platform owned by Mukesh Ambani, Jio TV has about more than 839 channels that include sports channels, entertainment, and movies channel, and many others. Jio TV, the subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited was launched in 2016 and has partnerships with many different broadcasting companies like Times Now, TV Today Network, NDTV, ABP News, Discovery Network, Sony, and many others. Jio TV has about 150 visitors according to this year (2021). 

SONY TEN 2 CHANNEL NUMBER ON JIO TV IS 413. Other channels of SONY TEN are also updated like SONY TEN 1, SONY TEN GOLD HD, etc. Talking to a person on a customer care number may help to find the channel number if you are unable to or any other issue you are facing, 1800-889-9999.

In this article, you have found a list of SONY TEN 2 CHANNEL NUMBER.

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