How to Complete Phonepe KYC on your Smartphone in 2024?

Phonepe KYC: Who does not know this sentence “Rich People Don’t Carry Cash” and perhaps in today’s time there are some who use online payment more everywhere, whether it is a panipuri shop or clothes. But to make an online payment, it is necessary to complete your KYC, and PhonePe KYCit is not necessary to have only the amount in the account, KYC is also very important because it plays the biggest role, through which you are allowed for online payment.

What is KYC?  Why is this necessary?

What does KYC mean?  Why is this necessary?  KYC means Know Your Customer Form i.e., ‘Know Your Customer’.  This is a form in which the customer gives all his necessary information, such as his name, bank account number, Aadhar card or PAN card number, mobile number, and much more in this form so that the bank gives good information to its customer.  way to know. 

KYC can be done either by going to the bank or through a phone, where everything is happening digital today, the same bank is also online in today’s time, sitting at home through a video call, get your KYC work done without going anywhere.  gives.  Like Kotak Bank, on the video call you are asked to show your PAN card and Aadhar card, after that some steps are completed and your KYC work is completed.

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Where is KYC required?

Today it is very important to have KYC for any work, whether you want to take a loan or get a connection for a telecom company, KYC is very important there, so the bank will contact the customer every 6 months or within 1 year.  Fills up the KYC form.  “If all the information is given while opening a bank account, then why give it again for KYC?” 

Yes, all these details are given while opening a bank account, but if any information given by the customer changes in the middle, then it can be updated through KYC, such as change of phone number, Changing the address, or getting the PAN card made for the customer whose PAN card is not made and updating that number, if any work changes in the middle and it has to be updated in the bank account, then it should be updated through KYC goes. As we said earlier that KYC is a basic tool for any online easy transactions.

How to do Phonepe KYC

For doing KYC on PhonePe, you need to follow some steps, like:

  1. Open the PhonePe app on your phone to complete phonepe Kyc.
  2. Now click on the profile option on left top corner.
  3. After opening your profile, at very last you will see written “complete your KYC”, click on that option.
  4. Now you will see a document option at the top and then you need to choose the option from driving license, pan card and others so start the process.
  5. After that you need to enter the rest of the details of for the document you chose. For example: if you chose pan card then you need to enter the pan card number and the holder (owner of pan card) name.
  6. Now click on the final step after filling the details.
  7. It will take time but the KYC process will be completed.

Conclusion for how to complete phonepe kyc

Without the PhonePe KYC process, you will not be able to send or receive money on your PhonePe wallet, for all the processes of sending and receiving you need to complete the KYC process. So as we conclude that Phonepe KYC is as much needed as your Addar card or any other document.

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