Jio Car Router Review: Price, Features, Specification and is worth Buying in June 2024

This time again Jio has updated their work with a Jio car router which is a combination of hardware devices and the mobile app that connects the Indian Cars on roads. This technology was empowered by Onboard Diagnostic Device (OBD which is a computer system that is inside a vehicle that tracts and regulates the car’s performance).

Along with that a Jio sim inside which will be able to get connected to the ODB port of the car. This device was expected to launch on December 17.

the surfacing of the Jio Wi-Fi Mesh router isn’t the only reference suggesting the launch of the operator’s mesh service in the country. The operator suggests its mesh network technology on the Jio Fiber site. “Enjoy the best Jio WiFi Mesh experience in every room of your home with Jio WiFi Mesh service,” the company said its site. Furthermore, a video has been provided on Youtube since September last year that gives a glimpse of Jio’s mesh service experience.

With this device, the normal car becomes Jio Smart Car.

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There are many of the best features of Jio Car Router like:

  1. This app helps to get the location of your car from your mobile phone.
  2. This app allows a person to lock their car from their mobile phone or smartphone.
  3. The Jio Car Router helps to show the fuel efficiency of the car in your smartphone only by connecting the Jio device with your jio car router app.
  4. Today everyone wants a free wi-fi to use the social media sites and the Jio Car router provides a good and high-speed 4G internet speed which means that the car becomes a well-equipped car with the Wi-Fi feature.
  5. For the security of the car, The Jio device provides the alarm feature that starts alarming when a person touches the car when its locked and this feature helps in the protection of the car from many strangers and thieves.

When you want to start using the Jio device then you need to purchase the router and install the Jio Car Router App. Procedure is:

  1. Install the Jio Car Router App on your smartphone.
  2. Register on that app with your registered jio phone number.
  3. Now insert the jio sim on your Jio Car Router device.
  4. Now plugin the Jio Car Router device in your car.
  5. Connect the Jio Car Router Device and Jio Car Router App.

All Done.

Buy Jio Router Oil

If you you want Jio OBD Device or Service please visit official Jio Obd Page.

Is this feature available for all cars?

Well, every car can’t become that updated as it allows for those cars only which were built after 2009.

From where you can buy the device, we love

You can buy this app from many shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and others.

  1. Add the device into the cart.
  2. Click on Buy now.
  3. enter the shipment details like address and other necessary details.
  4. Make the payment
  5. It’s done your online order for the device has been successfully placed.

What would be the price of this product?

As this device has all these features then the price of this device is about 2000 rupees as it starts from 1,899 and adds up the delivery cost. Every site has a different price so you can prefer and compare the price from different sites.

What is Jio Motive?

JioMotive is a smart fleet management system from Reliance Jio that helps businesses track and manage their vehicles efficiently. It is a cloud-based platform that uses GPS to track the real-time location of vehicles, as well as other data such as speed, fuel consumption, and engine health. JioMotive also provides a variety of features to help businesses improve their fleet operations.


Therefore, so we conclude that this is the perfect device for the available features. it is easily available and the price is reasonable. It is very simple to use you just have to install an app and feed the requirements according to you and we are ready to use the devices the way we want.

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