Nokia Maze Monster: Price, Specs, release date, and Everything in May 2024

Nokia Maze Monster: Nokia earlier was one of the most leading telecommunication companies in all over the India and world but due to some great growing technology the company stopped producing the phones of it. Recently, Nokia came back to the market with many new and best smartphones with great features, which is Nokia Maze Monster.

This telecommunication company was founded in 1865. Nokia not only made mobile phones or cell ph0ones, but it also produced and made many different products based on technology. Other products like rolls of toilet paper produced by Nokia in the 1960s, LV 317M military radio, Nokian rubber boots, Nokia Mikko 3 minicomputer in 1978, Mobira City man 450 in 1985, Mobira Pager in 1986, Nokia media master set-top box, and then from 2000s the collection of Nokia mobile phones started. The main idea of Nokia Maz is for the users who can explore interesting stuff on phones not in one but in many different ways.

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Release date: Nokia Maze Monster

Well, the phone that you can use with the best features and best quality of the impression, who don’t want that phone as soon as possible. Nokia Maze Monster was released in India in the mid of 2021, which means in the month of August. To get this phone in your hand for life you can visit the nearby electronic or mobile shop to get to know more about the phone and the procedure to buy it.

Features: Nokia Maze Monster

To get the Nokia Maze Monster, we first need to know about it, whether it matches our requirements or not. So, now, let’s talk about the features of Nokia Maz Monster then:

  1. Nokia Maze Monster is an Android 11, the upgraded one.
  2. Nokia Maze Monster includes the quad 64MP plus 24MP plus 12MP plus 5MP cameras and the dual camera of 42MP and 13MP camera inside it. Means the best quality pictures and videos can be captured with this phone and is best feature for photographers and videographers. This features is loved by the people who are addicated to photography.
  3. The audio system, the best system of audio is present in it which means you can enjoy the music with best quality audio feature. The audio system of this phone includes vibration, MP3 and WAV ringtones.
  4. The internet quality and the wi-fi feature of this phone is so well managed which means that you will be able to use the wi-fi and data without any worry, along with all this you can transfer data through this phone.
  5. The battery level of this phone is 7000mAh, which means a long go battery. You can work for a whole day with this long go battery and won’t worry about the battery discharge, which is a neccassity for a common man.
  6. Dual SIM feature. You can use two SIMs in this phone easily like your normal smartphone.
  7. The display of this phone is 6.7-inch super AMOLED touchscreen. A complete big screen and best show.
  8. The most important feature is about the RAM and memory space. Well, the RAM is of 10 GB and 12 GB and 128 GB, 256 GB ROM inside this phone.

Now, if talk about the price of this phone then in India it’s 45,600 Rupee.


Just like Nokia is back in the market with amazing feature phones and we loved it just like we hope our efforts for this content to enrich you with specifications of the new launch phone will be loved by everyone. The information you were looking for and we hoped is delivered and the time you invested in reading this is worth it.

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