How to Fix if Jio chat not working in 2024

Jio Chat Not Working: Jio Chat apk is a made-in-India messaging app used widely. Similar to other messaging apps, Jio chat users can chat with people, use stickers, make voice calls and video calls. Jio chat is available in various languages like Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, etc.

Generally, Jio chats works on all phones perfectly. But sometimes it’s users face issues like the app, not opening, video calls not working or contacts don’t appear on the app. This can be due to several reasons. So if you are facing similar issues and the Jio chat apk is not working on your mobile phones properly you can use the following methods to fix the bug.

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Restart your phone

  • Restarting your phone is the simplest way to solve the problem. If the issue is the system of your phone restarting your phone can help to resolve it.
  • To restart your phone press the red power button for 10 seconds or you can directly remove the battery.
  • If this does not resolves your problem you can also Reset your phone.
  • To reset your phone, you need to press the power button and the volume key for 10 seconds. Your phone will automatically reset.

Updating your JioChat apk

If you are using an old version of the Jio chat app it is likely that you will face some or the other problem. So you must ensure that the Jio chat app is updated.

  • To update your Jio chat app, you need to follow the steps given below;
  • Open the play store app on your mobile phone.
  • Now go to my apps and game and find jio chat app.
  • Now click on jio chat app and click on Update option.
  • After clicking on update, jio chat app will get updated automatically.

Note- make sure your data connection is on.

Allow all permissions in jio-chat

Apps in your phone need certain permissions like storage, microphone, memory grant storage, location, etc to work. Your JioChat app may not work properly if you have not granted permissions.

  • To grant permissions to jio chat app, you need to follow the steps given below;
  • Open settings on your phone.
  • Then navigate to privacy and security option.
  • Then go to app permissions
  • Next step is to open jio chat app where you can see different options like geo location, cameras, microphone, cameras and memory card storage.
  • When you will click on these options three options will appear – grant, deny and ask. You need to select grant permission for cameras, microphone and memory card storage option.
  • For geolocation –
  • You need to select ask option.
  • Then you need to go back and open settings again go to network and settings.
  • Than go to mobile network and connectivity and click on geolocation.
  • Then you need to select on option.

This will boost up the network and your jio-chat will work perfectly.

Clear cache data

Cache data is the information stored by apps and web browsers to speed up the experience. Cache data can make the jio chat app lag or hang. It is very important to clear cache data for the smooth functioning of your app.

To clear cache data,  

  • Go to settings and navigate to privacy and data settings option.
  • Then go to browsing history and clear browsing history and clear cookies and stored data.
  • This will delete all the cache data, clear storage space and make your phone faster.
  • But if this doesn’t works you can also use the following method;
  • Switch your phone by pressing the red key or remove the battery.
  • Now, to switch on the recovery mode click arrow key and power key together.
  • Then you need to select wipe cache partition option.
  • Now to delete the cache click on yes.
  • Than you need to click on reboot system now by using power button.

Your phone will restart. And jio chat app will start working perfectly.

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