PhonePe Autopay: How to Set Autopay in PhonePe

PhonePe Autopay: How to Set Autopay in PhonePe – PhonePe is digital payments and financial services app in India. Through PhonePe App, Users Can receive and send money, DTH recharge, Mobile Recharge, Make utility payments, invest, pay at shops, mutual funds, stocks, gold and buy insurance.

But when you want to pay money to someone and you are not able to pay at that time. Then Autopay feature is only for you. If you want to know, how to enable Autopay in PhonePe or want to PhonePe autopay request.

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PhonePe Autopay

Autopay is a facility in PhonePe, Using this you can pay Bills and money automatically by setting a time. It is an automatic process like a SIP investment. If you have bought something on EMI and you have set up the Auto pay in PhonePe for EMI. then PhonePe will autopay for your EMI without crossing the due date.

Benefits of PhonePe Autopay

Here are some Advantages of Autopay in PhonePe:

  • The autopay process is one-time work. The subsequent payments are automatically made.
  • There’s no need to keep track of the due dates for utility bills or recurring installments.
  • There is no chance of making a mistake like, ‘payment the amount that is less or more than what was owed’.
  • You are free to think about other concerns since the autopay system functions for you.
  • The chances of late payment are slim. So forget about late fees.
  • Autopay makes use of only debit cards or credit cards to make the transaction, which means there is a lower chance of fraud.
  • You can schedule autopay for all your fees or select a few.
  • You can switch the payment method you prefer to use from credit card to debit card and reverse.
  • Typically, you receive a reminder a day or two before when the deadline is. In the event of a dispute, you have the option of denying payment or making a manual payment.
  • You can stop at the Autopay facility at any time. So you’re in total control.

If you are facing any problem related to PhonePe Here is the PhonePe Customer Care Number, contact them to solve your problem.

Limitations of PhonePe Autopay

You can face some problems when you Autopay in PhonePe:

  • Apps allow only credit card and debit card instruments for the moment. Yet, Phonepe is permitting the UPI method, but it’s only exclusively for the IPO service only.
  • The apps support only a few billers for automated payment, such as electricity, mobile postpaid, gas, and OLA ride. But, the apps are constantly working to resolve this issue.
  • To set up autopay, you must pay the bill in person using the app the first time. It is not possible to set up autopay without paying the bill.
  • The setup of Autopay is simple. But the removal of this setting is a difficult procedure.
  • Sometimes, the autopay system fails because of a technical issue. In this case, you could not be able to pay on time and could be required to pay the late fee.

How to Set Autopay in PhonePe

Here is some Setting of Phonepe Autopay, Just follow:

  • Open PhonePe app on your device, Navigate to My Money tab at the bottom.
  • Click Autopay.
  • Now, Add new autopay.
  • Select the service provider.
  • Enter your Credit Card or Debit Card details, Click on Proceed.
  • Now, enter the OTP you will received. Rs. 5 will be debited from your account to authenticate your Card. After successful authentication, you will get your money back.
PhonePe Autopay: How to Set Autopay in PhonePe

How to Check Autopay in PhonePe

If you want to know, how to check auto pay request in PhonePe, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the PhonePe app on your phone.
  2. Now, Click on Notification icon on the top right side.
  3. If you have set up Autopay in phonepe, you will see the notification.
  4. Click Accept.

How to Cancel Autopay in PhonePe – PhonePe Autopay Remove

To know, how to remove autopay in PhonePe, follow these steps:

  • Open PhonePe app and go to your Profile.
  • Now, scroll down and find the Autopay Settings under Payment Settings.
  • After that, select Autopay that you want to remove.
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