Paytm Add Money Offer Promo Code Coupons: New Promo Codes – June 2024

Paytm Add Money Offer Promo Code Coupons – Get extra cashback every time on adding cash to your Paytm wallet. Use our huge collection of latest Paytm Add Money Offer, Promo Code & Coupons. We update this post daily with a new promo code so that you get extra cashback each time.

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Now let’s check the working Paytm Add Money Offer Promo Code Coupons December 2021:

Here are some Paytm Add Money Offer Promo Code Coupons:

Add Money OfferPromo CodeUsers
10% CashbackGETNOW10All Users
Rs 50 CashbackGETNOW50All Users
100% CashbackPFADDMONEY25New Users
Rs 10 CashbackREWARD10New & Old Users

1. Paytm Customers Get Cash Back of Rs 10 when they add money – Paytm Add Money Offer Promo Code Coupons

Do you have a newbie’s perspective on the enticing market of Paytm? If the answer is affirmative, then you’ll have plenty of reasons to be happy. Each user who is new to Paytm is eligible for an extra Rs. 10 cashback when you add 500 rupees. 500 to your Paytm wallet. This is 5 percent of the amount you’ll add to your Paytm account when you sign for the service!

The only thing you have to do to take advantage of this add-money offer on Paytm is use the coupon code REWARD10 or GETNEW10 when you sign-up and you’re good to go. Because this offer is only available for only a short time it is recommended to sign-up quickly so why not sign up today?

If you are using the Phonepe app for the transaction and getting some errors. then you should contact them. But you don’t know Phonepe customer care number. Here is a post that will provide Phonepe Customer care number.

2. Find Out About this Rs 500 Paytm Add Money Offer Promo Code Coupons:

The ancestor of all Paytm Add cashback offers is THIS! You can get 50 percent guaranteed cashback when you add funds to your account using UPI! It’s as simple as using your UPI address which is the email address that you registered on the PayTM profile (eg yourusername@paytm).

The minimum amount you must add to avail of the Paytm wallet deal is 2000 INR and the Add money promo code for Paytm is Winflat0 or GetNow50.

If you’re using a third-party service for adding money to the PayTM wallet, you’re not eligible for this promotion. If you also use an alternative UPI account to transfer money into your wallet, you cannot claim this offer.

Be aware you must note that the Paytm promotion is only valid until 15th December 2021. so, if you’d like to get a cashback of 10 INR You must begin adding money to your Paytm wallet using your UPI number immediately! After the validity of the offer expires, you will not be able to avail yourself of these cashback offers.

Be aware that cashback is not immediately credited to your bank account. It takes two weeks for this process to occur for your cash to show in the PayTM account. Check that you’ve completed your KYC is complete and you’ll receive the cashback right away!

3. Rupay Debit Card provides Cash Back on money added using Paytm’s Wallet

Have you been using a card that doesn’t always provide high returns? If so, it’s time to switch to Paytm’s digital wallet! When you make the call you’ll have a chance to gain extra cash in your bank account making use of your RuPay Card to earn additional cashback through Paytm’s unique “Add Money Offer.

For instance, if opt to add to the value of Rs. 250 or more to your Paytm Wallet using RuPay Card, you have an opportunity to receive the amount of Rs. 25 cash right away. Remember to apply the Promo code of RUPAY25. This exciting promotion by Paytm is only valid for one-time use per month, per customer until October 10.

Are you confused about the steps you need to take to make money available in your Paytm Wallet?

  • Download the app of Paytm or go to After you have signed successfully, you can go into Paytm’s Paytm wallet section.
  • Click “Add cash into Wallet” after entering the amount you want to transfer to your electronic wallet.
  • There are a variety of ways to add funds to Your Paytm Wallet. It is possible to utilize your debit card ATM card credit card, your bank account information to accomplish this.
  • That after that, you can look at the possibility of having the new payment added to the existing balance of cash in your Paytm account.

4. Incredible HDFC Bank Offer for Users Adding Money to Paytm’s Wallet – Paytm Add Money Offer Promo Code Coupons

Are you an HDFC Bank customer looking for the highest returns from the value of your Paytm Wallet? You can now get up to 5 percent cash back when you add funds into your Paytm Wallet using the use of your HDFC Bank credit card or debit card.

A maximum cash-back amount of Rs. 50 is waiting for you when you choose to avail this Paytm HDFC bank offer. So do not let this deal slip away and add cash to your account without additional effort. The code that you need to use to access this offer into your wallet is PAYTMHDFC5, keep it in your wallet!

5. A lucrative offer to add money to Paytm’s Wallet via SBI Card – Paytm Add Money Offer Promo Code Coupons

All the major banks are gaining prominence with the best cashback deals for Paytm users, how could SBI remain a distant second? By adding funds in your Paytm wallet using the assistance of an SBI debit or credit card you will be able to get 4 percent cashback on deposits.

If this doesn’t sound like a good idea then what else can it do? The promo code to avail of the Paytm SBI offer is SBIADD make use of it with all your might and smile while you begin making your shopping lists. You can spend more items with the money you have added to your account.

6. Axis Bank Cash Back Offer to load Money into Paytm’s Money Wallet

Utilize Coupon code WLTAXIS when adding funds into your Paytm wallet using the AXIS Bank cards. You are eligible to receive a cashback of 5% on the amount you have you add to your wallet. This can be used for other exciting purchases and recharges. Aren’t you happy being an AXIS Bank customer?

Hurry! Hurry! Axis bank promotion on Paytm is available for a specific time period.

7. Paytm Wallet Add Money Offer by Kotak Mahindra Bank

If you add an amount in the minimum of Rs 250 into your Paytm Wallet by using your Kotak bank card or Net Banking platform, you can avail of the cashback of 5% that is added to your balance. You can avail of this offer for the highest cashback of up to Rs. 50.

8. Free Cash Addition to Wallets upon submitting an application for a Citibank credit card

If you apply for the Citi Credit Card, you can get Rs.250 Paytm cash in a flash! You are only two steps away from receiving this huge reward if you’re applying for a Citi Bank Credit Card is in progress. Make sure you keep your online shopping plans secret until you are ready since you will be able to enjoy several other advantages of using the Paytm app after receiving the Citi Credit Card details in your hands.

Offers on Paying for Transactions with Paytm Wallet

Here are some Paytm offers you will get on transactions with Paytm wallet:

MerchantMinimum Payment AmountCashback
ZomatoRs 9950%
Pizza HutRs 69930%
Cafe Cofee DayRs 200Rs 100
LenskartRs 999Rs 400
GrofersRs 499Rs 100
NearbyRs 500Rs 250
MedPlusRs 250Rs 1000
Apollo PharmacyRs 50Rs 100
SpencersRs 300Rs 100
FaasosRs 200Rs 250
Box8Rs 149Rs 200
Mojo PizzaRs 299Rs 450

Pay money via Paytm wallet to get Cashback

Here are some merchants that offer you a Paytm cashback offer while paying money via Paytm wallet:

OYO Rooms60% Cashback
Medicines at NetmedsFlat 20% OFF
Cafe CoffeeGet 15% cashback
BigBasketUp to 20% cashback
KFC StoreGrab 25% cashback 
1st Transaction at SwiggyFlat Rs.50 Cashback
Big BazarGet up to 100% Cashback
Zomato Flat 15% Cashback 
Dominos Flat 50% Cashback for All 10th Users with Paytm Wallet

Get Rs 8 Free On Adding Money Into Paytm Wallet (New Users)

GET8: Use promo code GET8 while adding cash to your Paytm wallet and get an extra CB of Rs 8. Cashback will be given only to the new users. This promo code is valid only one time per user.

Get Rs 15 Free Paytm Cash (New User)

FREE15: Paytm is offering free Paytm cash of Rs 15 by adding Rs 15 to your wallet. Use coupon code FREE15 to avail of this offer. Valid only for users adding money to the Paytm wallet for the first time. CB will be credited within 24 hours.

Free Rs 10 Paytm Cash (New Account)

Paytm is offering free Rs 10 Paytm cash. This offer applies to new users. To avail of this offer PAYTM RAINBOWBRT add money offer follow the steps –

  1. Create a new paytm account
  2. Verify your email & mobile number.
  3. Go to Add Money & enter amount Rs 10.
  4. Apply add money promo code RAINBOWBRT .
  5. Complete the transaction.
  6. You will receive Rs 10 for free in your paytm wallet.

Paytm Add Cash Offer For Existing Users – Get Rs 10 Free Paytm Cash

Paytm is offering Rs 10 for free to all its old existing users. The offer applies to users who have not used their Paytm account for more than 4 months. To get Rs 10 free Paytm cash use Paytm add cash promo code ADD10.

How to Add Money to Paytm’s Wallet The Right Method

We’re certain that you’d like to know how money appears in your Paytm wallet account. Instead of spending money via your bank account, you can transfer money into your wallet with the assistance of your credit cards and bank account on the net.

Click on the icon ‘Cart’ located at the top right of your screen. Then, click on the Paytm Wallet’. Then, look for the Add to Paytm Wallet tab. Click on it and type in your payment information. After that, your wallet will display the amount transferred to it using the credit card, debit card, or net bank account.

So in this article, you have found various Paytm Add Money Offer Promo Code Coupons and Cashback offers. I hope this guide may help you.

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