How to download Sun NXT App – Free subscription

How to download Sun NXT App: There are many apps and platforms where we can see movies, shows, programs for free but not in the best quality. All we do prefer is watching movies and shows for free or at a low cost but sometimes we actually need to spend some money for watching our favorite movies and shows for free. Well, the SUN NXT app is one of them, you can download this app for free but for watching movies and shows you need to spend some money.

But still, if you don’t want to pay or spend money for using the app then you can use and stream the app for free through the Jio Cinema app and Vodafone Play app. And yes, if you spend the money correctly then you’ll get the best quality of video and that too in HD form. More the better quality of video more the consumption of data.

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How to download Sun NXT App - Free subscription

You can download the Sun NXT app in two forms, first from the Google Play Store and second in form of APK.


  1. Open Google Play Store app on your phone.
  2. Now type “SUN NXT APP” on your search Icon.
  3. You’ll see a option below the search icon about the app.
  4. Click on it and for confirmation go through the images and views.
  5. After looking towards it now click on the install option.
  6. It will take few minutes to download and after you download it use the app.


  1. For downloading the APK file of Sun NXT app, open Google on your phone.
  2. Now on Google search Icon, type Sun NXT APK file and click on search button.
  3. After that you’ll see the options as “SUN NXT – APK DOWNLOAD”.
  4. Click on the option you find appropriate and click on download button.
  5. It will show a option “this file may harm your device, continue to download” and you need to click on option yes as it does not harm your device.
  6. After download a screen will come with “install” option, click on install button.
  7. Now your app is downloaded in APK FILE FORMAT.

You can download the app in any of these formats as both of them are Safe and Secure.


The subscription plans are in three forms for this app: MONTHLY, QUARTERLY, AND ANNUALLY. The range of these subscription plans starts with just ₹50 but when you register on this app for the first time then you get ONE MONTH FREE for watching unlimited movies and shows. FormatCosts

The subscription costs are way too low than other apps. For starting the SUBSCRIPTION plan you need to follow some steps.

  1. Download Sun NXT app
  2. Open and register in it with your Mobile Number or E-mail Address.
  3. After registering you’ll get a OTP notification regarding it, enter the OTP and get registered.
  4. After registering, choose the subscription plan you want to take, whether it’s monthly quarterly or annually.
  5. Now proceed with the payment method and complete the steps of payment.
  6. Now you are subscribed to sun NXT app.

After subscription, you’ll be able to see unlimited movies and shows for the time you chose in full HD format. And not only this you’ll be able to watch the shows on multiple devices.


If you want to get the free subscription plan then:


  1. Open the app and register it with your Mobile number.
  2. You’ll get an OTP on your phone or on the number you entered.
  3. Now choose the languages and shows you want to see and click next option.
  4. Now you can watch the shows and movies for free.


  1. Open and register with your registered Mobile number and enter the password.
  2. Now complete the rest of the steps except the subscription plan.

By watching the shows and movies without a subscription you’ll not be able to see the video in HD form, no best quality of the video, and not in unlimited form too.

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