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Xiaomi CIGA Price In India, Specifications, Launch Date, Sale On Amazon, Flipkart: Xiaomi is one of the leaders in mobile sales, and now they are releasing a watch. Besides the stunning look and elegant craftsmanship, the watch also has anti-scratch and is water-resistant too. Although the phone is from xiaomi, there is no electronic feature to it that can connect to your phone.

Yes, it does sound silly. But they are not trying to beat anybody, they are trying to enter all forms of industries. Furthermore, they believe that their high strength 316L stainless steel watch showcases their talent in anything they set their mind to.

Xiaomi CIGA Price In India & Launch Date

The new watch from xiaomi is the first in what is hopefully a new line of watches from them. The watch is priced at $200 and will likely be priced at around Rs 14,000 in India. The price range may reduce due to the lack of additional features.

As far as the launch date goes, the watch has already released outside India. The phone is available on the “Ali Express” website for $200. However, the watch is expected to release in India by July 2018.

Xiaomi CIGA Shop On Flipkart, Amazon, and Ali Express

Name of The ProductCompany NameOffer PriceLink
Xiaomi CIGA WatchAmazonRs 14,000Shop Now
Xiaomi CIGA WatchFlipkartRs 14,000Shop Now
Xiaomi CIGA WatchAli Express$ 200Shop Now

Xiaomi CIGA Specifications

The body is made of an alloy of high strength 316L stainless steel and the top is covered with ion spray PVD technology, combined together they provide beauty, elegance, and durability. The body composition also provides additional protection against dust and moisture. To create the phone, 19 precious stones were used and has a safety mechanism with a movement frequency of 21600 times/hour.

Moreover, the durable glass is resistant to scratches and falls. The bezel or outer casing has rounded edges and is polished to give off a shine. The watch’s crystal is made of sapphire 1.2 mm thick and has a hardness of 9 degrees Mohs. It’s almost as hard as a diamond.

Xiaomi CIGA Product Pictures

Xiaomi Ciga Pic 1

Xiaomi Ciga Pic 2

Xiaomi Ciga Pic 3

Xiaomi Ciga Pic 4

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Xiaomi CIGA Price In India | Specifications | Launch Date | Flipkart | Amazon
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