WhatsApp Trick To Change Smileys With Family Icons Into Other Smileys

I discovered one recently while chatting on WhatsApp. The Smileys with family icons on WhatsApp can be changed into other smileys too. Smileys in the below picture are sent via a single smiley ,the first one.WhatsApp-Trick-To-Change-Smileys-With-Family-Icons-Into-Other-Smileys


How to do it?

  1. Choose the below smiley.Family-Smiley
  2. Click on the space just after this smiley (as highlighted below).whatsapp Family Smiley change trick
  3. Click Backspace and your previous smiley will turn into this new one.new changed Family Smiley
  4. Continue to click backspace to see the rest of the smileys 🙂


I am using latest Android and WhatsApp version and it is working for me. It is also working in Windows phones.

If you are not able to get it even after multiple attempts, I would suggest you to take help from a friend. you might be missing something. 🙂

It is working for both Google keyboard and Swift key. People who are facing issue with Swift key, please follow this The steps below :

  • Tap on family emoji.
  • Tap space.
  • Click on the space just after this smiley.
  • Keep pressing the backspace.
  • After every long press of backspace, the emoji changes.

It might not be working in iPhone. If someone has an iPhone, please check if this trick is working and let me know in the comments, so that I can update the same here.

Thanks !!! Keep Reading..


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