WhatsApp Trick – How to retrieve deleted whatsapp messages ?

Now you can retrieve deleted whatsapp messages & other whatsapp data even if you uninstall / Delete WhatsApp from your phone . Its very simple .

Just follow the steps & get it done yourself :-

  1. Go to File Manger > Phone storage .
  2. You will find a folder named as Whatsapp .
  3. Copy the Watsapp folder to external storage like memory card or in your computer hard drive .
  4. Now uninstall the whatsapp application from device .
  5. Download a fresh copy of whats app & install the same . Do not open the application after installation finishes .
  6. Copy the whatapp folder which you copied in external sd card or your computer & paste the folder in File Manger > Phone storage .
  7. Device will ask if you want to over write the whatsapp folder . Press YES .
  8. Once the copying is finished open the app in your device .
  9. Whatsapp application will ask if you want to restore the data . Press YES
  10. Its done . Now you have a fresh installed whatsapp app with your old chats & data RESTORED .


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WhatsApp Trick – How to retrieve deleted whatsapp messages ?
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