How To Unblock Yourself From Someone’s WhatsApp Account ?

Unblock Yourself From Someone’s WhatsApp Account :

If you have been blocked on WhatsApp by someone & if you want to unblock yourself without letting him/her know. Then there are two methods by which you can easily unblock yourself from anyone’s WhatsApp account.
I have tried both the methods & today i will share both of the methods with you :-

Method 1

  • Open WhatsApp app on your mobile.
  • Go to setting.
  • Hit on the Account Tab.
  • Now Enter your Phone number.
  • Click on delete my account.
  • Now open App manager in phone setting.
  • Locate Whats App & uninstall the same.
  • Once the  app is completely uninstalled from your device, restart your device/phone .
  • Now open Play Store.
  • Install whats app again.
  • Once fresh installation is completed open the app.
  • Now enter the data required like mobile no ( your phone number ), OTP etc to start the app .
  • Its done, now you can start texting the user who blocked you in his/her account as you have been unblocked from his/her Whats App account .

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Method 2

  • Ask a third person to create a new group in whats app .
  • Now ask him to add you and & the person who has blocked you from his/her WhatsApp account .
  • Once its done ask him to leave/Exit the group .
  • Now you can start texting in the group & the messages will be received by the person who has blocked you as he/she is still the group .

Note – If Admin leaves or exits the group the group is not deleted , The participants still in the group can message each other .
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How To Unblock Yourself From Someone’s WhatsApp Account ?
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