How to read someones whatsapp messages ?

Thinking of how to read someones whatsapp messages / chat ? You can do it. yes you heard it right. You can read someones chat messages without having his/her device in your hand.

Try these two methods and you can do it yourself :

Method 1 :

  • Install Blue-stack in your laptop or Desktop.
  • Now install WhatsApp application in Bluestack.
  • Enter your friends mobile number in it.

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  • OTP code will be sent to your friends phone by SMS.
  • Now enter the OTP code & proceed .
  • WhatsApp will start working in both Bluestack & your friends mobile phone.
  • Now every whatsapp message of your friend will delivered in your whatsapp in bluestack.

Method 2 :

Another method is by using WhatsApp Web.

  • Get your friend’s phone.
  • Now open WhatsApp, & go to webwhatsapp located in menu.
  • It will open camera & will wait for QR code.
  • Now go to website WhatsApp Web.
  • Scan the QR code shown in the screen by phone’s camera.
  • After scanning it will automatically show the chats of mobile in your computer.

By using method 2 , you will see only those messages which are sent or received by the phone you have hacked. If the phone is not connected to internet & someone sends a message then you will not be able to view that message.

In both the methods you need your friends phone for 30 seconds .


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How to read someones whatsapp messages ?
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