How To Play PUBG Mobile On Mac (100% Verified)

PUBG mobile game has become the worlds one of the best gaming apps. Over a short period of time, the app has achieved more than 50 million downloads across the world and its increasing day by day. We all love playing the PUBG game. Many of my youtube channel friends commented on my videos and asked me how to play PUGB mobile on the Mac.

Playing PUBG game on mac is a bit difficult job but after the little bit of search, I have found a way to play the game on the Macbook. So here in this post, I am going to tell you the step by step process on how to download and play PUBG Mobile game on Mac and play it for free.

Steps To Play PUBG Mobile On Mac

  1. Start your MacBook laptop.
  2. Go to the app store and download Parallels Desktop app (for free).
  3. Install the app on your laptop and open it.
  4. Register your account and hit on download Windows For Free Button.
  5. The download of Windows 10 OS (Size 4.4 GB) will get started.
  6. Once the download is finished, the Windows 10 will get started on your mac.
  7. Now Restart the parallel desktop app on your mac and go to Configuration.
  8. Choose General, click on hardware and select RAM allocation between 4GB to 8GB for the app.
  9. Save the setting and restart the app on your device.
  10. Now you will be asked to download the PUBG game on your PC.
  11. Click on the download button.
  12. Once the download is complete, hit the play button to start the game on your PC.
  13. Enjoy the PUBG game on your Apple Macbook.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Installing The PUBG Game On Mac

  • The windows 10 download required 4.4GB of internet data.
  • The PUBG game download size is approx 1.7 GB.
  • For the smooth game experience, you should allocate minimum 6GB or RAM.
  • Higher the RAM allocation, greater the smooth gaming experience.
  • The parallels space app for MAC is free for 15 days to use, whereas if you want the app for further use, you need to pay some money to the developer for the full version.