Flipkart Affiliate Program For Bloggers & Website Owners

Flipkart Affiliate Program For Bloggers & Website Owners

Flipkart Affiliate program is one of the most used affiliate program used in India. Flipkart is ranked as no.1 online shopping E-Commerce website . The website claims to have listed more than 1.5 Million products for sale

Today every Blogger & website owner wants to earn some real cash from there website. If you have a website or blog with lots of traffic. Then Flipkart affiliate should be your first choice of affiliate program to use for making money. Flipkart provides commission to website owners on each sells driven by them through affiliate links. Most of the websites have there own affiliate program. These online websites gives commission for the sells driven by there affiliate users. The commission varies on various parameters like category / Sale amount/ User type etc.

Flipkart affiliate commission rates depends on the product categories. The website provides commission between 2% to 20% . The highest commission is given on Fashion category. Electronic sells drives the lowest sells margin.

Flipkart affiliate program is very simple to use. You just need to Register for flipkart affiliate. Once your account is approved you can generate your own referral affiliate link and start earning.

Follow The Simple Steps mentioned below to Register , Create Product Links & Promote to Make Lots of money Using Flipkart Affiliate Program:

flipkart affiliate Program


How To Earn Unlimited For Flipkart App Install.

  • Login into flipkart affiliate page.
  • Once logged in you will see a dashboard which looks similar to the image below.
  • Copy the Flipkart App Install link in Flipkart app install Campaign tab .

flipkart affiliate Dash board app install link

  • Copy the link shown in FLIPKART APP INSTALL CAMPAIGN tab.
  • Share & Promote the link on your blog, website , social networks etc.
  • You will earn Rs 25 for each direct app install & Rs. 40 per Fall back Install.

* Direct App Install – Direct App Install commission is counted if user clicks affiliate link and downloads the app.

** Fallback App Install – Fallback App Install is counted if user clicks on Affiliated product Link or banner & ends up with installation of the flipkart app .


How To Create Product Link Using Flipkart Affiliate ?

  • Search for the product you want to promote at flipkart.com .
  • Copy the product URL.
  • Log-in at flipkart affiliate page.
  • Paste the product url into the AFFILIATE LINK GENERATOR tab.
  • Click on GO.
  • Copy the URL generated in the same tab with your affiliate id.
  • Promote / Share the link in your blog / website , social media etc .
  • You will get commission on the sells made via the link provided by you.


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Flipkart Affiliate Program For Bloggers & Website Owners
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